Super FUN School Trips

Come and spend the day the Wildhagen way! Book from June-December

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Come spends a day learning through Play!

Wildhagens School Trips at Adventure Gardens are perfect for your group of 25 - 90 kids!

Oh and don't forget, we offer free Coffee for Adults!

Your Trip Starts here!

  1. Your adventure starts with having all students set up in groups of about 25 kids.
  2. Next is a scavenger hunt with teachers and volunteers who can follow the simple guide to finding cool animals and items in the animal garden
  3. Craft time, we will plant a flower in spring, decorate a pumpkin in fall and make a mini christmas arrangement in winter
  4. Play time, kids get to explore the many activities in the heated barn. From Mary's diner with a cash register to our kappa block station to create a tower. So much to do!!!
  5. Forest Trail is about a 25 minute walk where teachers can guide the students through the forest, you will find animals facts and a story.
  6. Snack time, we offer a peanut free granola bar and bottle of water to each child. Gluten free snacks are available.

3.5 Hours - $12.99 - Craft, Pizza, Snack & Drink... ($11.99 No Pizza)
2.5 Hours - $8.99 - Craft, Drink & Snack

Popular questions...
here are the answers

  • Kids can bring there lunch
  • Teachers and volunteers are free
  • 1 adult to 6 kids minimum
  • We have bus parking
  • Free coffee
  • We label all water and crafts for kids to take home
  • 2 Rooms and an indoor picnic area for eating
  • 3 washrooms
  • Cheques payable to Wildhagens, we accept visa, debit and M/C

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