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Come join us for some really tasty food, pizza and coffee!

Our Crazy Farm

So this whole crazy place started in 1969 with 10 worn out greenhouses and a lot of shag carpet in the house, by my parents Mary and Peter...Two hard working dutch kids that love to have fun. Well, be careful what you wish for........
Mary and Peter Wildhagen

Today we have 50 greenhouses, A really awesome garden centre and one super cool play place called Adventure Gardens with a Pizzeria that I "ADORE".

And although I bought it from them in 2004 they still show up almost every day to check on things!!

This here on the left is some of the 60 acres we grow wholesale flowers on. and the field part of the picture is our fall mum production.....

Then in 2010 we opened a garden centre & Veggie Market up to the public, we are open for Summer, Fall & Winter. Truly a dream come true! "I mean what girl doesn't love to shop"

Adventure Gardens was built in 2014 and we have been having fun ever since, hosting birthday parties, school trips and team building

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Welcome - We're so happy you are here!