Our Story

Our Crazy Farm

So this Crazy dutch farm started in 1969 by Mary and Pater Wildhagen. They immigrated from Holland and found this property which was a thriving potato farm with 10 greenhouses on the property.

It quickly changed into a flower business and they still grew lots of wholesale produce as well.

In 2004 I bought the farm from my parents and the the adventure in flowers has not stopped since.

Today we have 50 greenhouses and grow annuals, tropicals, veggie plants, succulents and much more. We are now on-line with our products, we have our open-air garden centre and we sell on a wholesale level as well.

In the last year we invested in a Bio Mass boiler system that heats up all the greenhouses with wood chips.

We have been using biological bugs for pest control for years - and are now about 85% sustainable :)

We are thankful every day for our customers and wonderful staff that we get to work with every day.

Mary and Peter Wildhagen

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